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DRVOSTIL and tradition spanning more than 25 years has enabled our company a leading position among manufacturers of funeral caskets in Serbia.

In recent times, the tradition is enriched with the most modern production technology as our factory raised the real production funeral caskets, while being preserved artistic creativity in woodworking.

For more than 5000 m2 70 workers produce per month in 2000 coffins of poplar, fir, ash and oak. 70% of our production is exported to Italy, Germany, Russia, Hungary, Slovenia and the remaining 30% is allocated to domestic customers.

Cutting-edge technology, well-selected wood and a high degree of technical competence and production personnel guarantee high quality and wide product range that is visible in more than 85 models of funeral caskets and crosses.

This web site is designed to provide you with photos and basic information about the product portfolio of the company DRVOSTIL.



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